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Now available at your location and tailored to fit your restaurant' s needs. All the guidance you need to set up a complete control system, with Michael Reis. Reasonably priced, with proven results. Call now for available dates to schedule a 2 - 3 day session.

Step 1: Financial Review

Step 2: Blind arrival for spotting and basic evaluation

Step 3: Management meeting for insight

Step 4: POS review for reports, sales pricing, volumes, and overall effectiveness

Step 5: Menu costing analysis/engineering

Step 6: Labor scheduling and cost analysis

Step 7: Overall operational subjective review

Step 8: Profit plan formulation with suggested control implementations coupled with 2 hour key staff meeting/educational seminar session

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  • By using our controls you can increase your profits
  • 1-3% of sales
  • Implement the Weekly Profit and Loss Statement (done in 20 minutes or less per day)
  • Simplifying Food Costing Techniques
  • Revitalize Your Menu with Menu Engineering
  • Using Blind Staffing Techniques to Reduce Labor Costs
  • Bar Controls
  • Food and Beverage Inventory Controls


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