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Managers 2 Hour Seminar Outline


This course is designed for restaurant managers and owners who do not have an accounting or
financial background, but realize that the ability to read and understand restaurant financial statements is key to restaurant success.

This course is designed to help you:

  • Read and understand the restaurant balance sheet and profit and loss statement and
    their interaction.

  • Identify problem areas on the profit and loss statement.

  • Be able to calculate the significant restaurant financial ratios.

  • Become familiar with the typical restaurant financial statement and the meaning of the
    various numbers.

  • Recognize the importance of prime cost.

  • Calculate the additional sales required to create a desired profit.

  • Implement best procedures for increasing sales and profits.

  • Become familiar with how bartenders steal and how to prevent it.

  • Understand how to handle depreciation

Participants will receive a certificate entitled, "Mastery of the Restaurant Financial
, a worthy addition to your resume packet.

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