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Restaurant Managers 2 hr seminar outline

Restaurant Manager's Online Seminar

How to Understand a Restaurant Financial Statement and Identify Possible Problems

This course is designed for restaurant managers and owners who do not have an accounting or financial background, but realize that the ability to read and understand restaurant financial statements is key to restaurant success. For CPAs, this course will help you explain restaurant financial statements to your clients.

This course is designed to help you:

1. Read and understand the restaurant balance sheet and profit and loss statement and their interaction.

2. Identify problem areas on the profit and loss statement.

3. Be able to calculate the significant restaurant financial ratios.

4. Become familiar with the typical restaurant financial statement and the meaning of the various numbers.

5. Recognize the importance of prime cost.

6. Review sample general expenses.

7. Understand depreciation.

8. Calculate the additional sales required to create a desired profit.

9. Become familiar with how bartenders steal and how to prevent it.

Course Outline

1. Balance sheet

Understanding its importance and making sure it is correct

2. Statement of Income and Retained Earnings

Purpose and difference from balance sheet; how to set it up properly so you can compare your restaurant with others.

3. Restaurant sales

How to calculate and categorize sales and various sales ratios

4. Cost of goods sold

How to calculate cost of goods sold and various cost ratios; understanding the accrual basis of accounting.

5. Labor cost

The different categories and ratios that will help identify potential problem areas; e.g., too much labor--back house, front of the house, managers.

6. Prime cost

The key to determining a restaurant's viability; How to calculate; How rent affects prime cost; Why we look at prime cost rather than cost of labor and cost of goods sold individually.

7. General Expenses

How to look at and question irregularities within general expense categories; How to compare with national averages.

8. Understanding Depreciation: How it affects the P&L

9. How to Perform a Financial Checkup on Your Restaurant

Tools to help you analyze your restaurant; Why profits aren't higher; Which numbers are out of line.

10. Determining the amount of additional sales needed to break even or to create the profit you want

11. How Bartenders Steal and How to Prevent It

12. Sample Statistical Information


Food cost and labor cost guidelines for different types of restaurants.

Appendix A Sources of Restaurant Financial Information

Appendix B Uniform System of Accounts

Appendix C 101 Ways to Steal

Appendix D Answers to Questions

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